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7 may 2004

Volunteer at National Police at Santa Cruz at Ecuodor

Basecamp International Centers
Volunteer at National Police at Santa Cruz at Ecuodor

Job type:

Non Profit

The National Police of Santa Cruz serves the community, primarily helping and providing services to tourists, as well as fostering a safe environment of security and control on the island. This organisation serves
the island community of Santa Cruz.
Citizens of the Galapagos islands are often isolated from educational opportunities because of their physical distance from the mainland. Learning English is a very important economic tool for the habitants of the islands in order to participate in the local and tourist economies and improve their quality of life.
As a volunteer on the island of Santa Cruz you will be helping people to improve their lives by teaching English, sharing in their culture, and experiencing the magic and beauty of this internationally coveted destination. Members of the police force on the island are very keen to learn English in order to effectively communicate with and aid tourists who come to see the coveted beauty of the Galapagos.

Volunteers should be of minimum age of 18 or above with the minimum education of high school. Volunteers are resposible for the following tasks:
-Teaching English
-Being active in the community
-Potentially organizing and facilitating leadership workshops and conferences

Volunteers with the following special skills are preferred for this placement:-
Social Worker (BSW)
Social Work Student
Teacher - English
Teacher - Math
Teacher - Science
Teacher - Geography
Teacher - Environmental Science
Teacher - Physical Education
TEFL Certificaiton / Training
Social Worker (MSW)
Teacher - Social Science
Teacher - Commerce, Finance, Business
Teacher - History

Yes, Basecamp International welcomes all the interested non local participants to volunteer and make a difference.

itinerary for the placement:
Min Training 4 weeks
Min Work 4 weeks
Min Duration 8 week

Cost for the placement:

Add Week Cost $175.00 / WK
Registration Fee $400.00 CAD
Program Fee $2,595.00 CAD
Total Cost $2,995.00 CAD

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